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have you been overwhelmed by the thought of your debt and are convinced it’s gonna take you forever to pay it off?
it’s time for a change.
"Because of Kristin's course and help, I’m sitting on $4,000 in the bank in 4 months, I paid off one of my credit cards, I’ve linked every account to have EVERY bill paid on time and I’ve finished my first step to buy a house. Thank her for being obedient to God on her purpose, she has honestly helped me a lot!"
Chanel B.
"Kristin helped me explore my motivations and issues around my bad money habits to better understand and re-learn these things on an "emotional level" and really take them to heart.

Really getting to the emotional issues around money helped me a lot and helped re-instill these core concepts for me. I really appreciated this. I also think that her budgeting spreadsheet is one of the best I've seen!"
Lindsey H.
"The result of applying everything not only changed the way I think about money…it has given me the structure I needed to make attainable financial goals."
Shamaka T.
“Before Kristin's help, I had several different issues. The first one was the fear of checking my account. She helped me to sit down and get real with myself. I opened up an IRA account, within 2 weeks my savings account increased $600, and I now check my bank accounts daily.

The budgeting plan Kristin helped me with definitely put me on the path that I needed. I feel more responsible and in control. She was very comfortable and knowledgeable about her expertise and it made me feel safe. I am forever grateful!"
Vanessa K.
"Kristin helped me face that fear of reaching out and letting them know my situation and negotiating the terms. Now I have reasonable payback terms and I don’t have to worry about them harassing me. This turned my credit score around and everything that is impacted by that, most importantly my peace of mind."
Quinisha A.
"Kristin is very interested in my growth. I have learned a lot and I am very optimistic about my future when it comes to saving and sticking to a budget. I was also able to pay off most of my debt. I only have to focus on my monthly bills now. Kristin has been a blessing in disguise!"
Tanya A.
Kristin is a licensed professional counselor and someone who has personally struggled with money. She made it her mission to help corporate baes and side hustlas change the way they think about money. Kristin helps her students and clients eliminate the unnecessary stress from their lives all while living lavish.
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