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I can’t believe it bruh. I’m gonna be a WHOLE 32 years old on November 28th. Like girl what?!? Where has the time gone? I legit feel like I’m 12, not 32 LOL. I’m excited though! I’m excited because this year, I want to do things a little differently. I never really do too much for my birthday (except my poppin 30th) but I want to change that. Like, one year I went to Ikea for my birthday. Ikea! Don’t get me wrong, ain’t nothing wrong with Ikea but that’s not quite the place to be celebrating in. I’ll admit, I’m dry y’all. But this year, I want to start celebrating myself more and not just on my birthday either. I’m lit and I need to start treating myself as such. (INSERT HAIR FLIP EMOJI). Because guess what? If you don’t celebrate yourself, then who will? Listen, life is too freakin’ short and too precious for you not to be enjoying it. I’m ready to really start LIVING. You feel me?

So there’s a few things that’s on my birthday wish list this year. Of course I gotta keep it cute though, because I’m on a budget and paying Sallie the rest of her coins lol. Let’s dive into my list!

Good Laughs/Good Company

There’s nothing more that I enjoying doing more than laughing. Like bruh, I will literally sit around all day long crackin’ jokes and having it up with my friends. It’s what I love to do! Laughter is good for the soul and I definitely want to spend my special day around some good people, who know how to make me laugh. I’m really simple to please!

Good Food

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE me a bomb meal! I’m a foodie at heart and want to enjoy a special dish for my birthday. I’m thinking about just cooking something at home versus going out and blowin’ the bag on a meal that I could’ve made at home for probably less than $10 or so. I love to eat out, don’t get me wrong, but it really be putting a damper in a girl’s budget man! And I got big cooking skills, so why not put them to good use?

To Give Back

I’m all about serving and giving to others. It makes me feel all super tingly inside to know that the things that I’ve worked hard for mean nothing if I can’t share the wealth. Me and my girl Shamese of The General Ledger Group plan to do something for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I’m super excited about that!

Road Trip!

I don’t know where I’m road trippin’ to, but I want to do a one day trip to a random city. I love to explore and check out new, hip scenes. Here’s a few cities that I have in mind:

  • Richmond, VA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Durham, NC
  • Luray, VA
  • Raleigh, NC

I need to hurry up and decide on where it’s gonna be! As long as there is good food and Instagrammable scenery, then I don’t really care about where I end up. That’s the beauty of it. My free-spirited self may just wake up that morning and decide from there. No real planning over here.

New Lipstick

It’s been awhile since I indulged in a lipstick shopping trip! I want to head over to NYX and rack up on a few of my faves, as well as try some new shades. I absolutely adore NYX’s Liquid Suede line; it looks so bomb on and isn’t real drying, even though they have a matte finish to them. Here are a few of my tried and true faves…

  • Kitten Heels
  • Oh, Put It On
  • Downtown Beauty
  • Brooklyn Thorn
  • Vintage
  • Club Hopper

Here’s the colors that I wanna try out…

  • Subversive Socialite
  • Cherry Skies
  • Foul Mouth

Shop all of these poppin’ colors and more HERE!

A New Fit

Now, when I say new, that doesn’t necessarily that I have to get it retail. As long as it’s new to me, then that makes it new! I love to thrift most of my clothes so I may just take a trip to my local thrift shops and piece together something glorious. I also mix and match new and thrifted pieces, so I’m not opposed to heading to the mall to cop something. I do know that I need a budget going in. Having a budget prior to hitting the store allows me to make sure I don’t go overboard with the spending. I have to have some type of guidelines to follow. I’m thinking my budget for this shouldn’t be no more than $50. I can’t wait to show you what I end up getting!

Some Much Needed Me Time, A Pamper Day

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty much always alone lol. But I want to take a day and pamper myself. I’m talking a spa visit, painting my nails, and doing something cute and different to my hair. It’s long overdue, my neck and shoulders can vouch for that! I need a massage ASAP. This is going to be everything that I’ve needed.

32 is going to be sooo good to me, I can already feel it! I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year unfolds for me. God has been showering me with blessings and I’m so grateful and blessed. I used to fear getting older, but now I embrace where I am in my life and how I’m just getting better with time.

Now let’s talk about it. What’s something that you enjoy doing for your birthday that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Sound off in the comments, I wanna hear from you!

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