I’m Kristin, and this is my story (the short, pretty version)

How did I get there you ask? 

It all started as far back as my childhood, but I’ll save those details for later.  Let’s fast forward to college.  When I first arrived as a freshman, I was lured into signing up for a credit card on campus.  I would always go out to eat and shopping with my friends, and often times, I would foot the entire bill! I was ballin’ out of control and having the time of my life.  Who did I think I was?  When the credit card bills started to roll in, I would call home crying to mom and dad for them to rescue me.  What seemed like a blessing to me, turned out to be a complete burden.

Immediately after graduating, I was thrown into the real world and started working.  Since I was never taught how to manage my finances, I would spend all of my paychecks in a weekend’s time, living a lavish lifestyle. The only problem with this was that I couldn’t really afford to.  However, this was the norm for years.

My finances were a complete wreck and so were my emotions as a result.

After finishing graduate school, I moved to Atlanta (without a job lined up) to start fresh and be “free” but ironically found myself deep in bondage.  I was jobless, in over $100K of debt, 40 pounds overweight, in a deep depression, and almost homeless (got evicted, but my father helped me move back home).

During all of the chaos, I started seeing a therapist that I couldn’t afford to see, but was in desperate need of someone to talk to. This is where I first began to change the way that I thought.  After moving back home, I shifted my mindset completely and as a result, I’ve paid off over $10K in debt in under 9 months and lost 40 pounds.  Although I’m not completely debt free yet, I’ll be there sooner rather than later because I made that life changing decision to uncover the root causes of my money problems and fix those first.

As a licensed professional counselor and someone who has personally struggled with money, I made it my mission to help young women like myself shift their money mindsets so they can live lavishly while on a budget.  Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun!  Just remember to build that fun into your budget.  Always have a plan.

Debt Free Black Girl (DFBG) is a digital resource showing fly millennial women how to live lavishly while on a budget and paying off debt…You don’t have to sacrifice your style and adventure! DFBG is the ultimate destination for BudgetBabes. The DFBG platform is informative, creative, stylish, transparent, and fun! By sharing my current journey to become a Debt Free Black Girl, you will be able to relate and discover that you too can do the work to become DEBT FREE (and look good while doing it).


Ready to work & need to get in contact with me? Shoot me an email at info@debtfreeblackgirl.com or holla at me HERE.