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In America today, debt is considered to be just part of normal life.  We go into debt to go to college, we go into debt to buy a car, we go into debt to buy a home, and we are constantly using our credit cards to buy the things that we THINK we need.

As a result, we’re swimming in debt bruh.

We often have “buy now, pay later” syndrome.  We want what we want when we want it and will do whatever it takes to get it!  This often equates to us [ballin on a borrow] and using credit to satisfy our desires.  What if we just had the patience to actually save up for what we wanted and paid cash for these purchases?  We would be able to live a life without worrying about any debts piling up or having extra bills to pay each month.  Less stress!  Sounds pretty awesome right?

The ‘American Dream’ is all about having it all together — the nice car, the house, and anything else that we could ever want.  Are we as Americans too materialistic?  A lot of times, we’re making the money, we have these nice cars and these nice houses, anything that we could ever want, and we’re still unhappy!  We still don’t have that sense of peace and joy within us, and that’s a problem.  Additionally, regardless of how much money we make, we still have problems with making ends meet and still living paycheck to paycheck.  That’s because most times when people’s income increases, their expenses and spending habits increase as well in an attempt to increase their standard of living.  So does it really matter what your income is?  Because like they say, “more money, more problems.”  You can never have a fulfilled life chasing after those material things.  Instead of trying to increase your standard of living, you should focus on increasing your quality of life.  How can you increase your satisfaction with your life without relying on material things?  

Benefits of Debt Free Life

Most of us wish that we didn’t have any debt, but we have bought into the lie that it is a necessary part of life in America in the 21st century.

Most of us wish that we didn’t have any debt, but we have bought into the lie that it is a necessary part of life in America in the 21st century. Click To Tweet

As a result, a lot of people don’t even work on becoming debt free. They send in their minimum payments each month and think that everything is all good.

What if I told you that it’s possible to live a debt free lifestyle? What if I told you that you don’t have to be in bondage forever and stressed out because of your situation?

I believe that the debts we have and the material things that we have, a lot of times are holding us back from fulfilling our purpose, our full level of happiness, and contentment with everything else that is going on in our lives.

Remember, you have the power to turn it all around though! Getting out of debt is one of the first steps towards living the life of your dreams.

Here’s a few benefits of being debt free that I wanted to share with you.

Less monthly expenses.

Just think about it, the less amount of expenses that you have to pay out each month, the better. That money that you were using to pay off your debts could be used to do so much more. You could save and invest more aggressively, purchase that home you’ve always wanted, or whatever else you desire.

More control of your coins.

No more owing everybody and their mommas, so that means you have control over what you’re gonna do with your money. You are no longer obligated to dish out funds to others. Can you imagine being able to keep your entire paycheck (well, most of it) and do what the heck you wanna do with it? Sounds bomb to me! It’s time that you take back your control and power!

Less stress and anxiety.

Let’s face it, stress and anxiety can lead to all types of health issues. When you know that bills are due and that you aren’t able to do anything you want with your coins, it can get a little stressful. Especially if money is tight, right?! Let’s face it, stress and anxiety can lead to all types of health (emotional and physical) issues. You’ll start to see real change when you minimize and eliminate your debt.

Better financial health.

As you eliminate debt, your financial health increases. Increased credit score, increased ability to do what you please. Your new low debt to income ratio will open up so much more opportunity for you.

Financial freedom/increased security.  

No more paycheck to paycheck living…how awesome is that? Financial freedom gives you the ability to pay whatever needs to be paid and not having to sweat it. Nothing will really phase you because you’re secure. It’s not having to worry about your future because you know that you’ve done everything that you needed to do to live a comfortable lifestyle. You are in control, rather than you being controlled!

It’s all about asking yourself about the role you play in your money issues.  Are you happy with your current financial situation?  Do you have a financial safety net in place?  Are you finding yourself frustrated most times with money?  Make it up in your mind that you want more for yourself.  You want a change.  Why do you want to get out of debt and work on building wealth?  Use your answer to fuel your drive to change.  Keep it in the front of your mind.

Why do you want to get out of debt and work on building wealth? Use your answer to fuel your drive to change. Click To Tweet

I want you to devise a plan if you haven’t already. Take some time out this week to determine your debt payoff goals and get to work. I’m rooting for you boo.

Now let’s talk about it. What would being debt free do for you? Sound off in the comments, I wanna hear from you!

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