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As a mental health therapist, I’m truly committed to ensuring that the people I encounter and work with take care of themselves mentally and emotionally. Money is so strongly connected to our emotions. Most people don’t realize this and the first thing they think about is the amount of money they have in the bank.

Sometimes our feelings towards money are so strong that we start to hate money because we believe that it is the cause of all of our problems. Hate is a strong emotion.

The truth is that the problem isn’t money. The problem is how we approach money, how we think about money and how we handle money. People who constantly think negatively about money, tend to be plagued by money problems their whole life. This can cause a downward spiral emotionally.

One of the main issues that people face is being in debt. Being in debt can literally take a toll on you emotionally, if you’re not careful.

A few years ago when I was at my lowest point financially, I was diagnosed with depression. I was overwhelmed by the amount of debt that I was in and not being able to pay my bills. The struggle was toooooo real man. I remember it like it was yesterday; I could barely get out of bed and when I did, it was to eat to cope with my feelings. After I stopped going to therapy, I had to make a vow to change the way I thought about my situation so that I wouldn’t let it take control over me any longer. Even though I still had the debt hanging over my head, I didn’t allow it to overcome me emotionally.

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I wanna share with you some common emotional consequences that being in debt may be the cause of.


You may be angry with yourself and beat yourself up for the mistakes that you’ve made in the past that got you into the debt that you’re in today. You may also be angry with everybody else and their mommas — the creditors and bill collectors calling your phone, your co-workers, the mailman, your partner, your kids, the dog. EVERYBODY! It’s soooo important for you to recognize that being angry with everyone gets you absolutely nowhere. Not even being angry with yourself. What does it change? You have to recognize the role that you played in your debt accumulation, the role that you play in making a change and getting out of debt, and RELEASE that anger.


Listen, this right here is no joke. Like I said earlier, I’ve been here. It was easily one of the worst times of my life. People who struggle with debt are more likely to have symptoms of depression. You may be feeling hopeless about the debt, thinking that you’ll never be able to be debt free. In order to take charge of your emotional well-being, you have to develop a game plan. You can’t keep using your emotions as an excuse to rack up even more debt. Take control of the situation by gaining clarity about how much you actually owe and decide how you’re going to attack it.


When you’re stressed, you can’t sleep good, you can’t really stay focused. When the bills come in the mail, you completely lose it and freak out. The debt that you have is constantly on your mind, it consumes you. You’re worried and overwhelmed. Remember that stress can kill you! If you’re at the point where stress and anxiety is a pretty consistent thing that you’re feeling, then you have to get a handle on it. It’s not gonna be easy trust me, but the more organized and serious you become about paying your debts, the less anxious you’ll be. It’s a journey so take your time and do what’s ultimately best for you.

If you’re not careful, these emotional consequences can lead to you getting into even more debt. Many people use shopping as a coping mechanism to make themselves feel good, but it only lasts for a temporary moment. You’re on cloud 9 when you’re at the mall ballin out on a borrow and poppin tags but as soon as you get home, reality hits and you realize you’re still in debt and even worse off than you were before. It’s time to stop this vicious cycle!

It’s time to for you to take action! In order for you to alleviate the impacts of being in debt, you need to practice financial self care.

  • Be mindful of when you’re experiencing some of these. Listen to your body. Take the time to really analyze how you’re feeling in that very moment and why
  • Be kind to yourself and forgive. Let go of the past by focusing on the future and the goals that you want to achieve. You can’t change the past, but you can create a better future.
  • Get connected – nurture your relationship with money, let go of judgment
  • And finally, just BREATHE! Everything is going to be ok, I promise.

The more connected we are with our money the more control we have and we’re able to reduce the unnecessary stress and overwhelm.

Now let’s talk about it. Do you ever feel any of these due to being in debt? How do you cope with those emotions? Sound off in the comments, I wanna hear from you!

Ready to start paying off your debt with ease?

Get my FREE Debt Slay Cheatsheet to help you get started.