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I can’t believe that it’s November already! This year has definitely flown by, it’s crazy! I’m excited though, because November is my favorite month of the year. I know you’re probably wondering, what’s so special about this month? Well, let me hip you right quick! It’s my favorite holiday Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and it’s my birthday all wrapped up into one. I also love the beautiful fall weather and style. I luhhhh fall fashions lol. I’m super amped up about what is going to unfold throughout this month. Have so many new things in store for you guys! My focus is about to be too crazyyyyyyy.

It’s time for me to finally share with you what direction DFBG is going in. DFBG is shifting into more of a lifestyle brand. I’m still going to talk money though, but just more so of how it relates to your everyday life, on the journey to becoming debt free. The reason I am going into this direction is because I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost myself in the past year or so. My friend Quinisha told me that I was getting away from myself;  she had to lay it on me thick and keep it 100 with me. She would ask me things like “who are you? You’re not the person that I’ve met a few years ago. Where is my friend at?” I would literally just laugh her out because I didn’t really take her seriously until I went through a breakup a few months back and I finally started to reevaluate some things in my life.

These past few months have been a heck of a journey but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But somewhere along the journey, my vision got blurry.  I realized that I haven’t been staying true to myself and everything that makes me who I am. LOST IN THE SAUCE. I have become an old hag workaholic, not taking the time to just simply LIVE. I am what you would call a free spirit, yet I have not been living up to that lately. Because of this I want to revamp things a bit. I’m excited to be more transparent about my life and my journey, it’s been long overdue! This is going to allow me to get back into everything that I love and embody. I had to take some time to think about where I wanted DFBG to be in the near future.  And strictly a traditional finance blog and business I did not want to be. It’s crazy because when I started DFBG, I anticipated on sharing more of the lifestyle stuff but along the way lost sight of that.

You’re going to be getting content from these main categories going forward:

Faith –

My relationship with God is a huge part of who I am and I’m not afraid to share it with the world. I’ll be getting really transparent here and going in about my personal faith walk, things that I’ve learned along the way, tips, devotionals, and whatever else God lays on my heart.

Fashion  –

For those that don’t know, I used to have an online clothing boutique and done a little styling in my past life. Fashion will forever be apart of me, whether I like it or not. I want you to step into my personal closet and how I manage to throw together looks for the low-low. I’ll be dishing on everything you need to still look the part on a tight budget.

Finance  –

I’m going to continue to give you that good ol’ tea that you need to level up those coins and really work towards financial independence. I want to see you win boo!

Focus –

Here’s where the real work happens. All things personal and professional development will be found here. I’m talking productivity tips, self empowerment and self care hacks, and things that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur.

Fun –

Since this is one of the main things that I want to get back to in my personal life, I’m going to be documenting my adventures here! I’ll also be sharing some ways that you can still have it up while saving money. You don’t have to break the bank to do things you enjoy such as traveling, brunching, concerts, and whatever else that you love to do.

I mean, the mission of DFBG is to show you how to live lavish while on a budget and paying off debt, because I believe that you don’t have to sacrifice your style and adventure. These main categories align perfectly with this. I truly want you be able to come to this blog and get YO LIFEEEEE! I want DFBG to be a well-rounded resource for those who still love to do the things that they enjoy, but are looking for ways to cut back and become the ultimate budget babe who knows what she wants in EVERY AREA of her life!

I’m excited to have you join me on this crazy, fun, unpredictable journey! I’m so glad that you’re here…I pray that you enjoy the ride!

Now let’s talk about it. What’s something that you would like to see here on the blog?

Sound off in the comments, I wanna hear from you!

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