Budget Like a BO$$ (Excel Workbook)


Budget Like a BO$$ is an easy to use budgeting system to get you started on the right track. BLAB will help you to create a budget that you’ll fall in love with in 30 days, allowing you to live a less stressful life.

Excel Workbook that has 4 parts (tabs) included: Money Goals, Money Pitfalls, Money Affirmations, and the Money Plan.



  • having money in your emergency fund when something unexpected pops up (no more calling your parents or reaching for the credit card when the car breaks down!)
  • finally being able to stick to a budget that you actually love (with no effort)
  • paying off your debts faster and not having to owe anyone (bye bye Sallie!)
  • saying YES to friends when they invite you out for brunch or happy hour without stressing about money
  • achieving the financial freedom to do more of the things you enjoy doing without having to worry (yes to more traveling!)
  • being confident about your finances and finally being in control


  • Map out your short and long term money goals
  • Create an action plan that will allow you to avoid falling into your pitfalls trap
  • Develop a more positive outlook on budgeting
  • Create a realistic money system that fits your unique lifestyle
  • and FINALLY stop living paycheck to paycheck



“I started Budget Like a BO$$ because I realized I needed help with understanding my belief system as it relates to money and how I use it. Budget Like a BO$$ forced me to acknowledge my pattern of spending. The result of applying everything not only changed the way I think about money…it has given me the structure I needed to make obtainable financial goals. Kristin exceeded my expectations…her ability to actively listen allowed her to navigate a customized plan that addressed my concerns!”

— Shamaka T.

“I appreciated the flexibility. It’s a lot less intimidating when you plan for things you enjoy doing as well as the necessities. I’ve also been able to save a bit more.”

— Anika R.

“I was able to truly save more money and see where my money was going. I was able to put aside money for many different things I never thought about budgeting for such as travel, hair, nails, entertainment, etc. I honestly have a new outlook on how to manage my finances as well as how to budget and still have a good life.”

— Tanya A.


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