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I am so overwhelmed with emotion as I’m writing this. The Werk Pray Slay Weekend that I attended this past weekend was everything that I needed and more! What is Werk Pray Slay you ask? It’s a “weekend for winning women” who want to be the best version of themselves before they become a wife. It’s super packed with the information and tools necessary to level up in both your personal and professional life. Werk Pray Slay is hosted by the beautiful Koereyelle of The Single Wives Club each year. It was so dope to see all of those beautiful women under one roof who are committed and serious about doing better for themselves. I am so blessed to have been a part of the 5th annual event! I was given the opportunity to be a speaker this year, speaking on how to change the way you think about money. You know, the usual lol.

But baby let me tell you! It was such a struggle getting down to Atlanta. It all started Friday morning when me and Shamese ran through the airport to catch our 6am flight, only to be told at the gate that there were some maintenance issues and that they weren’t letting anyone else onto the plane at the time. 90% of the people had already boarded the flight. So, some time passes, and the lady still had no updates for us. And in my opinion, she was giving us the run around. Some more time passes and they made everyone that had already boarded the flight get off of the plane. At this point, me and Shamese are worried and wondering what is going on. Some more time passes (I’m talking hours) and they finally make the announcement that the flight had been canceled for the day. The flight that they offered to put us on was not scheduled until Saturday at 11 AM. Mind you, I had to be in Atlanta to speak at 11:30 AM Saturday morning. This was not going to work for us! We were pissed off and trying to figure out what we were going to do so that we can make it to Atlanta in time. We started to lookup alternative flight options for that day and we found flights ranging from $330 to over $1,000 just for a one way flight to Atlanta. A ONE WAY BRUH. Being the BudgetBabe that I am, I wasn’t rocking with dishing all of that money out for a one way ticket. After fighting to get our refund and bags back, we decided to just leave the airport.

Me pictured with Koereyelle

My bro Jon picked us up and during that car ride, a word was revealed. Jon told us to keep pushing and get down to Atlanta by any means necessary and suggested that we took the bus. We weren’t really trying to do that due to it being a 16 hour ride. Jon continued to remind me that I had an assignment to complete and that God was using this as a test to see how committed I was. I instantly felt encouraged and excited about persevering and making it down there. Long story short, me and Shamese ended up getting on a bus to Atlanta 2 hours later. We arrived Saturday morning at almost 8 am, only to be at the conference by 10am. Running of off little sleep, we pushed through and made it by the grace of God!

After that entire struggle bus situation (literally lol), I was able to knock out my speech and deliver a good word to the women who were in my session. The funny thing is, I really don’t remember much of what I said to them because God literally gave me the words to speak. I had my entire speech outlined in preparation for the big day, but God saw fit that I spoke on things that weren’t exactly in the outline. I delivered what those women needed to hear and I pray that I was able to touch them in a way that they haven’t been impacted before.

Me pictured with Nichole Lynel

My overall experience at Werk Pray Slay was nothing short of amazing. It was just what I needed at the time. The theme of this year’s event was HER OVER EVERYTHING. This really hit home for me because I am so used to putting myself on the backburner, treating myself like crap, and not loving me the way that I should. I used to struggle with low self-esteem so much and this experience made me realize how far I had come, even within the past few months. During Koereyelle’s keynote, she touched on 7 lessons that she’s learned along her journey and I want to share them with you!

  1. The better you become, the better your options and opportunities become.

  2. Everything you let go of is not a loss.

  3. You’ll never get ahead by watching what everyone else is doing.

  4. No one can make you happy!

  5. Your sanity is a PRIORITY.

  6. Security does not exist.

  7. Anything other than pursuing your purpose is a waste of time.

She was in that joint preaching to me! All of these points made me sit back and evaluate where I currently am along my journey. Even though I’ve come a long way, there’s still some internal work and growth that needs to happen and I’m excited more than every to love me for me and choose HER OVER EVERYTHING every single day.

Now let’s talk about it. What’s something that you’ve learned along your journey? Something that you’ve learned about yourself? Sound off in the comments, I wanna hear from you!

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