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    10 Tips to Help You Gear Up for Black Friday

    Bruh. People really be going ham on Black Friday! I mean, people do the most for some “sales.” It literally goes down…I’ve heard of some crazy things happening on that day. If you must participate in the Black Friday festivities this week, then I want you to do it the smart way. I want you to go into it prepared so that you don’t go crazy with the spending. Remember, you still have money goals that you’re trying to accomplish, so keep it cute! I’ve put together 10 things that I want you to consider while getting ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

    Create a budget. First, ask yourself if you can even afford to shop on Black Friday. Keep it 100! If you feel that you can afford to do a little shopping, then take some time to crunch the numbers to determine how much exactly you can do. Don’t dip into the rent money or other bill money just for this day. There’s always going to be sales available for you to shop!

    Make a list. This right here is crucial if you want to ensure that you shop smart and aren’t picking up any and everything on the shopping trip. Make sure to take note of those items that you ‘must have’ and those that aren’t as important because you may not be able to get exactly everything that you planned for.

    Pay attention to ads/emails early. The closer it gets to the big day, stores will be sending out their Black Friday deals so you want to pay close attention to them. This is going to help you with the trip planning.

    Plan the trip in advance. Which stores do you want to hit up? And in which order? Having your trip outlined will help you save time on the big day and time is money! 

    Shop online instead. Not really feeling the crowds? Then you shouldn’t have to be in them. That’s why I love the good ol’ innanet, you can shop from the comfort of your own home, all snuggled up in your PJs. 

    Protect yourself. Like I said, Black Friday makes people act a little crazy so make sure that you are vigilant while you’re out and about. That brings me to my next point…

    Don’t go out alone. Having someone tag along with you can benefit you in a few ways. First, you have someone to watch your back just in case something pops off and secondly, your companion can track down certain items that you want while you go after other items on your list. You can’t beat that bruh.

    Be cute and comfy. Make sure that you dress the part. You’re going to be in and out of stores and don’t have time to be trekking through the Target in some stilettos boo. A leisure suit, some jeans or leggings, and some cute sneakers should do the trick.

    Use discounted gift cards like cash. You can purchase discounted gift cards online in advance to save even more money! Look into these sites to save: raise.com, cardcash.com, cardpool.com, retailmenot.com

    Don’t be fooled and bamboozled! This is self-explanatory. Issa trap B. 

    I’m rooting for you to stay on track this year! It’s nothing wrong with a little Black Friday shopping fun, but you don’t have to go overboard with it.

    Now let’s talk about it. What are your Black Friday traditions? Do you tend to overspend on the biggest shopping weekend of the year? Sound off in the comments, I wanna hear from you!

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    Werk Pray Slay Weekend Recap: Her Over Everything

    I am so overwhelmed with emotion as I’m writing this. The Werk Pray Slay Weekend that I attended this past weekend was everything that I needed and more! What is Werk Pray Slay you ask? It’s a “weekend for winning women” who want to be the best version of themselves before they become a wife. It’s super packed with the information and tools necessary to level up in both your personal and professional life. Werk Pray Slay is hosted by the beautiful Koereyelle of The Single Wives Club each year. It was so dope to see all of those beautiful women under one roof who are committed and serious about doing better for themselves. I am so blessed to have been a part of the 5th annual event! I was given the opportunity to be a speaker this year, speaking on how to change the way you think about money. You know, the usual lol.

    But baby let me tell you! It was such a struggle getting down to Atlanta. It all started Friday morning when me and Shamese ran through the airport to catch our 6am flight, only to be told at the gate that there were some maintenance issues and that they weren’t letting anyone else onto the plane at the time. 90% of the people had already boarded the flight. So, some time passes, and the lady still had no updates for us. And in my opinion, she was giving us the run around. Some more time passes and they made everyone that had already boarded the flight get off of the plane. At this point, me and Shamese are worried and wondering what is going on. Some more time passes (I’m talking hours) and they finally make the announcement that the flight had been canceled for the day. The flight that they offered to put us on was not scheduled until Saturday at 11 AM. Mind you, I had to be in Atlanta to speak at 11:30 AM Saturday morning. This was not going to work for us! We were pissed off and trying to figure out what we were going to do so that we can make it to Atlanta in time. We started to lookup alternative flight options for that day and we found flights ranging from $330 to over $1,000 just for a one way flight to Atlanta. A ONE WAY BRUH. Being the BudgetBabe that I am, I wasn’t rocking with dishing all of that money out for a one way ticket. After fighting to get our refund and bags back, we decided to just leave the airport.

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    7 Things I Want for My 32nd Birthday

    I can’t believe it bruh. I’m gonna be a WHOLE 32 years old on November 28th. Like girl what?!? Where has the time gone? I legit feel like I’m 12, not 32 LOL. I’m excited though! I’m excited because this year, I want to do things a little differently. I never really do too much for my birthday (except my poppin 30th) but I want to change that. Like, one year I went to Ikea for my birthday. Ikea! Don’t get me wrong, ain’t nothing wrong with Ikea but that’s not quite the place to be celebrating in. I’ll admit, I’m dry y’all. But this year, I want to start celebrating myself more and not just on my birthday either. I’m lit and I need to start treating myself as such. (INSERT HAIR FLIP EMOJI). Because guess what? If you don’t celebrate yourself, then who will? Listen, life is too freakin’ short and too precious for you not to be enjoying it. I’m ready to really start LIVING. You feel me?

    So there’s a few things that’s on my birthday wish list this year. Of course I gotta keep it cute though, because I’m on a budget and paying Sallie the rest of her coins lol. Let’s dive into my list!

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    A Prayer For My Identity

    Thank you God for saving me. Thank you for accepting me as your child, flaws and all, despite what I do, despite my insecurities. Thank you for reminding me on a daily basis that I belong to you and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in your image. Please forgive me for not always recognizing my worth. For sometimes downplaying my significance. I am valuable and have plenty to offer. I pray that you remove any insecurities that I have and allow me to accept me for me. A child of God!

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    New Month, New Beginnings

    I can’t believe that it’s November already! This year has definitely flown by, it’s crazy! I’m excited though, because November is my favorite month of the year. I know you’re probably wondering, what’s so special about this month? Well, let me hip you right quick! It’s my favorite holiday Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and it’s my birthday all wrapped up into one. I also love the beautiful fall weather and style. I luhhhh fall fashions lol. I’m super amped up about what is going to unfold throughout this month. Have so many new things in store for you guys! My focus is about to be too crazyyyyyyy.

    It’s time for me to finally share with you what direction DFBG is going in. DFBG is shifting into more of a lifestyle brand. I’m still going to talk money though, but just more so of how it relates to your everyday life, on the journey to becoming debt free. The reason I am going into this direction is because I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost myself in the past year or so. My friend Quinisha told me that I was getting away from myself;  she had to lay it on me thick and keep it 100 with me. She would ask me things like “who are you? You’re not the person that I’ve met a few years ago. Where is my friend at?” I would literally just laugh her out because I didn’t really take her seriously until I went through a breakup a few months back and I finally started to reevaluate some things in my life.

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