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I think of some serious adulting when the words “grown up pants” are mentioned. To me, grown up pants are those pants that don’t quite fit you, but you have to wear them anyways. Those pants that are not your faves, but you make them work somehow. Those pants that you can never get rid of. With grown up pants, there’s soooo much that comes with them…a lot of responsibility! But for some reason, a lot of us hate responsibility. We just wanna do our own thing; do what we want when we want and just live freely.

And I can relate because I’m a free spirit by nature. So of course for years and years and years, even after I was an adult, it didn’t seem like I was one. I was still stuck in the 90s LOL–thinking that I was still living at home with my parents and had it sweet, but no! I was living on my own and still not taking care of my responsibilities. I would not pay my bills on time, I would always call home for help, I would just do dumb stuff!  Why is that? Why don’t we want to accept responsibilities and run away from the things that we hoped and wished for when we were younger? When we were younger, we couldn’t wait to grow up!

“I can’t wait to grow up, I can’t wait to get married, I can’t wait to have kids, I can’t wait to get a job, blah, blah blah!”

But as soon as we grow up, we quickly start to regret all of those wishes we had as children. As children, being an adult seemed like it was fun at all times–no curfew, no rules, and you have your own money. Ha! It’s a joke [being an actual adult]! Like I would pay to go back to my childhood, where I don’t have to pay rent. I don’t have to pay Sallie Mae [Navient]. I don’t have to pay to use water or to get some heat on in here. I don’t have to pay for EVERY FREAKIN’ THING that I do! Like literally, we have to pay for every single thing on this Earth. They say air is free, but I ain’t buyin’ that! We gotta pay to breathe bruh! And as children, we didn’t realize that all of these things came with a price tag.

But we can’t just live avoiding our responsibilities forever.

Because one day, it’s gonna catch up to you like it caught up to me. Now I still owe a lot of money; a lot of that money is interest that was piling up over the years while I was being carefree, ducking and dodging them. So there comes a time when you have to put on your [grown up pants] and do the things that are necessary for you to live this thing called life. I mean, you just gotta do it. You just gotta face reality that you’re not 12 years old anymore [trying hard to convince myself of this]. You’re a GROWN WOMAN.

So what does adulting look like exactly? Well for me, it’s making sure that in whatever decisions I make I consider how they will affect myself, those in my life, and my future.  Right now, my financial responsibilities are one of my main priorities.  It’s imperative that I continue to make wise decisions such as paying all of my bills on time, saving and investing for my future, saying no to frivolous spending and unnecessary purchases. So this means that I can no longer run and hide from anyone or anything.  I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time, I actually feel good about myself and my ability to stay on top of the things that I have to do.

Here’s a few ways in which I started to manage my financial responsibilities with ease:

Got Organized.

I started writing out all of my bills (amount due, due dates) in an organized notebook in an effort to keep better track. Lord knows I’m a VERY disorganized person.  I would have stacks of bills that came in the mail that I didn’t even open SMH.  How was I supposed to manage my bills if I kept avoiding them?  Once I got organized, it was so much easier to stick to my budget and pay all of my bills on time.  You can do the same by:

  • Review all bank accounts, all bills (due dates, amounts owed, interest rates, etc.)
  • Keep everything in the same place for easy access (a binder, notebook, Google Drive folder, etc.)
  • Review everything at least once a week.

Stopped Spending All Crazy.

Once I faced reality that my spending habits were outta control and were keeping me from progressing and achieving goals that I’ve set, I developed a plan.  This is where my biweekly budget saved my life! I realized that I didn’t need to spend as much as I thought I did.  For example, I barely spend over $30 a week for food or $40 every two weeks for gas.  I try to stick to the bare necessities [minimalism, guys] and I couldn’t be any happier.  I no longer measure my happiness by the amount of material things I possess.  Don’t get me wrong though.  I still go out from time to time and have fun with family and friends.  However, I make sure that the funds are accounted and planned for well ahead of time.  I don’t do any random spending anymore.  This is a big part in how I was able to pay off a big chunk of my debt in a relatively short amount of time by using the money I was saving to put extra on my debts.  You can do the same by:

  • Review all of your accounts and monitor your spending habits closely (review the past 3 months).  Determine those areas where you are overspending and could cut back in.  For instance, I used to spend a ton of money going out to eat throughout the week and it was an eye opener to see how much I was actually throwing away.  I started cooking and meal prepping and haven’t looked back since!
  • Based on your spending habits, come up with a budget that you can try out.  You don’t have to stick to the same budget that you start with.  If you find that you are spending more on gas than you allotted for then increase your gas budget but also try to decrease your budget some in another area.
  • Use cash for your purchases.  Once I ditched my debit card for cold hard cash, I started spending a lot less!  We don’t feel the pain when we swipe a card as much as we do when we hand over that cash.
  • Think before making a decision about a purchase.  Most times, we buy something without even thinking about it.  If you delay gratification and take at least 24 hours to think about the purchase and whether you really need it or not, you may come to the conclusion that the purchase isn’t necessary at the time.

Envisioned My Future Life.  

Seriously, this one really works!  I knew it was time for me to grow up when I saw a future full of despair, frustration, being broke, and never being fulfilled.

Once I realized that if I kept up with my [childish ways], I would lead a miserable life, I made a decision to change my horrible habits.  Now when I envision my future, I see nothing but prosperity, happiness, fulfillment, and much more as a result of how I now handle my financial responsibilities.  You have to create the life that you want by first getting clear on your vision. Once you’re clear about how you want your future to be, you’ll be able to make small changes on a daily basis to make sure you reach that future you dream of.

In order to truly be successful in this life, you have to take responsibility for your past mistakes and devise a plan on how you can change for the better.  You can’t just avoid doing what needs to be done or you’ll end up even worse off. So put on those grown up pants, you have some work to do!

Now let’s talk about it. What are some of the responsibilities in your life that you consider priority at this time?  Are there still some responsibilities that you haven’t quite gotten a grasp on yet?  How can you work to turn that around?  What were some of your “can’t wait for” moments as a child?  Sound off in the comments, I wanna hear from you!

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