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5 Ways to Recover From a Financial Setback

Since I shared some of the tools that I used to accelerate my debt pay off with you, it seems like I have had one financial setback after another.  Why can’t I put a filter on my finances to make them look better than they are? Is there an app for that? *asking for a...

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To Those In Need: Your Mental State

Photo Cred: She Lives Deliberately  Denial. No one wanted to admit that something could be wrong. Bad decisions based off of things that weren’t true. Voodoo, infidelity, rape, any and everything under the sun. Realistic to some isn’t realistic to everyone, including...

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My BudgetBabe Style

When I was really young (about 10 years old), one of the designers that I was familiar with and that stood out to me was Coco Chanel. She will always be my favorite designer ever! The simplicity and the beauty of everything that was ever produced under this powerhouse...

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How I Paid Off $5,000 in 3 Months

"When I first started getting serious about paying down my debts, I had to really think about why it was important for me to get out of debt as soon as possible,” said Kristin Sutton, founder of this platform Debt Free Black Girl in a recent newsletter.   Good...

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The Journey That Led Me to Start DFBG

It was the summer of 2003; I was 17 years old and was gearing up to attend school at North Carolina A&T (Aggie Pride). As soon as I stepped onto campus, they had a table set up for students to sign up for credit cards. Bruh! I was like a kid in a candy store as I...

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How I Got It Together And Started Gathering My Coins

Broke. Poor. Overdrawn. Late Payments. These are just a few words that I chose to leave behind in 2017.  My financial vocabulary got a new year’s makeover along with other resolutions that I plan to execute in 2018. But how did I get even get here? My relationship...

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3 Emotional Consequences of Being in Debt

Photo Cred: She Lives Deliberately As a mental health therapist, I’m truly committed to ensuring that the people I encounter and work with take care of themselves mentally and emotionally. Money is so strongly connected to our emotions. Most people don’t realize this...

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#SBC30DayFaith: Prayer Journaling Challenge Day 15

Y'all I've been slacking the past few days, but I'm back like cooked crack! LOL.  The goal of the #SBC30DayFaith Prayer Journaling Challenge is for us to really push to build our faith through practical obedience to God the entire month of January. Watch this video...

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