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Never miss another student loan payment!


Are you unsure of how to manage your student loans? I totally get it.

I used to be you sis, straight STRUGGLING!

Struggling with a few of these:

  • You are frustrated because you can’t even find the money to pay them

  • You can’t figure out what to pay first: interest vs. principal

  • Sallie, Navient, and the rest of them all have their hands in your pocket

  • You’ve been paying on your loan for years and your balance hasn’t budged bruh

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The truth is, your student loans don’t just impact your pockets, it’s way deeper than that. Your well-being is on the line here.

That’s why I created the Student Loan Slay Masterclass, the solution for people who want to pay off their student loans, but aren’t sure on where to even start.

After taking the Student Loan Slay Masterclass,

  • Divorce your super stressed, scared to check your credit, scared to answer random phone numbers lifestyle

  • You’ll know how to demolish that debt, with proven payoff methods that will put a dent in your balance

  • You’ll get Sallie and nem off your back once and for all


The Student Loan Slay Masterclass is your one stop shop for answers, solutions, and student loan success!

I’d been wanting to get in front of my student loans because it had my credit score all jacked up. But, I was scared - if I reached out and made one payment but then couldn’t pay a few months later, would I be doing more harm? Kristin helped me face that fear of reaching out and letting them know my situation and negotiating the terms. Now I have reasonable payback terms and I don’t have to worry about them harassing me. This turned my credit score around and everything that is impacted by that, most importantly my peace of mind.

-Quinisha A. 


Your look inside the course!

I know you’re frustrated and you’ve been looking for answers, here they are! Here’s an overview of the course you’ve been looking for to turn your student loan headache around. No more stressing over who to pay, how to pay, or when to pay.

Join the class and get the Student Loan Slay Workbook for FREE ($17 value)! This tool will allow you to apply everything that you learn in class without needing any other resources.

The class is broken down into 4 easy to follow modules:   




You’ve been super stressed, scared to check your credit, scared to answer random phone numbers and it’s too much for you to handle. In this module, you’ll learn how student loans impact your overall well-being. Your peace of mind has to come first, because right now student loan stress is standing in the way of that. With this module, you’ll begin to understand the mindset necessary to get out of your own way and get Sallie and nem off your back.




You know as much about these loans as you did at 17 when you signed up for them. Which means you know nothing. You know have a bill each month and that you’re supposed to pay it, but that’s it. You don’t know interest from principal, the protections under federal, or the lack thereof for private. Up until now, it’s just been too much for you to wrap your head around. This module will make it digestible for you.




You’ve been avoiding calls from your lenders because you don’t really know what to say, and because you don’t think you have the money. Because of this, you haven’t been able to ask the right questions or get the help you may be eligible for. These necessary conversations allow you to develop an effective payoff plan with your lender. In this module, you’ll learn impactful ways to communicate and get the best terms for your situation.



You’ve been paying on your student loans for years, without proven strategies to put a dent in them. Because of this you say to yourself “why am I paying this, wasting thousands of dollars on something I’m never going to pay off?”  It’s time to demolish your debt, so you can become a Debt Free Black Girl! In this module, you’ll learn payoff methods that’ll turn your wasting into slaying.

Plus Essential Bonuses: Resources + Tips

It’s not that you don’t want to take student loans seriously, it’s just that you don’t know what the heck to do. You’ve read all the blogs, you’ve paid on it, you’ve tried all that you know to do and it’s just hasn’t been enough. We know student loan protections are not improving and you could get down on yourself and just commit to dealing with the consequences that come with not paying: damaged credit scores, higher interest rates, renting for the rest of your life. The Student Loan Slay Masterclass is your way to escape the rat race. This masterclass will equip you with the foundation to have a renewed mind, to take control and leverage proven solutions that work, including identifying the money to pay your student loans.

this masterclass was made for you! 

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manage your student loans with ease.

This class is gonna change your life. Don't believe me? Just watch! (Trinidad James voice)

Make sure you join me for #StudentLoanSlay!


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Hey hey I’m Kristin Sutton, the head honcho over at I’m a licensed mental health counselor who is passionate about helping other young professional women live happy and fulfilled lives by gaining control of their finances. 3.5 years ago, I was over $100K in debt and on the verge of homelessness. I shifted my mindset completely and as a result, I’ve paid off over $10K in debt in under a year. If I can do it, I know YOU can! I'll show you the exact strategies that I've been using to demolish debt and get Sallie off my back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Q1. When is #StudentLoanSlay?

This is a pre-recorded video masterclass replay.

+ Q2. How much is #StudentLoanSlay?

#StudentLoanSlay is a one-time payment of $97.

+ Q3. How long do I have access to #StudentLoanSlay?

How does lifetime access sound? You can watch the replay as many times as you want to. How lit is that?

+ Q4. What do I get when I purchase #StudentLoanSlay?

You will receive a digital Student Loan Slay workbook (PDF) and lifetime access to the replay so that you can watch and review whenever you would like to. All of your materials will be sent via email.

+ Q5. What's the refund policy for #StudentLoanSlay?

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. No exceptions.